Last week!

The next room is the Nut Room, where hundreds of squirrells work to shell walnuts. Veruca wants a trained squirrel so she grabs one, but the squirrels tap her head to see if she is a bad nut, abd as she is, they throw her in the rubbish and they push her parents in as well. The Oompa-Loompas sing a song about parents who spoil their children.maxresdefault

Charlie and Mike Teavee are the last ones. They go to the Television Chocolate Room, where they can take chocolate from the television. Mike wants to be the first person ever sent by television and before Willy Wonka can stop him, he becomes very small and gets in a television. The Oompa-Loompas sing a song that recommends giving the children books instead of letting them watch television.

Now Charlie is the only one left, so he has won the big prize. Wonka has no children so he was looking for an heir. At the end of the day Charlie goes with Mr Wonka and Grandpa Joe to look for his family and live in the factory!




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